Catherine Stewart

North by North East shot.JPG

Creating art has always been integral to my life and wellbeing from a young age. I’ve mostly lived and worked in rural settings and this reflects in my artworks.

My recent body of work further explores my connection to the environment and home. I am forever an observer, enjoying the journey of creating works which engage my audience in a positive way. My inspiration comes from everyday sources, shapes and colours informed by nature. I enjoy the challenge of interpreting natural subjects, mostly nature studies, landscapes, birdscapes and still life interpretations.

I prefer a semi-abstract approach that often combines oil, acrylic, collage, oil pastel and spray paint. It is essential that my work remain vibrant and aesthetically appealing to my audience. Form and line combined in a gestural manner creates an individualistic style. I enjoy using media in unconventional ways, which provides energy and richness to the final product.

Whilst I currently work on large scale mixed media on canvas, drawing is a fundamental component underlying  each work. I work on many pieces at a time, developing and layering each piece until I am satisfied with the final aesthetics. Themes have emerged which transform into series such as “Silent Boards” (shearing shed interiors) and “Flight” series of birds in motion.

Many contemporary artists inspire and inform my approach to artmaking. It is an ongoing process which evolves, and develops with experience and knowledge. It is also vital for me to live in an area where inspiration is in abundance. North East Victoria provides me with endless ideas and is also close to the Riverina where much of my previous work was produced.

I was born to create, and feel that it is an essential form of self expression. I continue to be grateful to work pursuing what I love. Life and work become one interwoven balance.

As an emerging Australian artist my work is becoming highly sought after. Career highlights include winning the prestigious 2016 MAMA Art Prize for excellence in painting and a recent sell out solo exhibition “HABITUS” at MAMA Albury.

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