Robyn Rankin

Robyn Rankin’s bold, figurative interpretations of childhood transport the audience into an exuberant yet introspective world. The journey explores the idea that children are at once totally self absorbed and private in their play, and yet so innocently and publicly on view. Simple figures are reminiscent of cut-out paper dolls, represented in exaggerated poses and suspended on richly layered backgrounds.

Robyn also explores the theme of lovers, depicting quirky interpretations of flirting, romance and celebration. With a sense of fun, she captures the fullness and passion of love through extravagant use of colour and texture, or she pursues the softness and tentative nature of new love with flirty glances and wistful attitudes.

After graduating from Swinburne University, Robyn’s early career began in Melbourne as a graphic designer and photographer. Photographic assignments for the travel industry took her round Australia and New Zealand . Robyn later taught art and photography at Methodist Ladies’ College. A move to Noosa with her young family provided the opportunity to change direction, and a love affair with paint began in 2000.

Robyn is well represented in private collections in Australia and overseas, and is featured in the recent publication by Michael Berry, “Selective Contemporary Artists of Australia.”

Artist’s Statement

“I love photography...the idea of freezing a moment in time. I love being able to store images and memories, and honour our capacity to reflect on those treasures. I steal the moment and make it happen again with paint...these are the cherished images of a time when life is uncluttered and free.”

Diploma of Art (Graphic Design) Swinburne University Melbourne 1975-1977

Diploma of Education (Art) Deakin University Toorak Campus Melbourne 1980

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