Charles Smith

Charles Smith lives and paints in Mudgee NSW. Charles has been drawing and painting since school but running a bespoke furniture making business in Sydney restricted his art to a hobby. After moving west from Sydney, Charles took up painting full time in 2016. “Growing up next to a national park there were always birds around, my grandfather used to feed birds on his back porch, they would climb all over us, squawking for their food. White Cockatoos flocked to the pecan treeing our yard,rippimgoff whole branches and dropping them haughtily on the ground while laughing the whole time.” Budgies, Kookaburras, Magpies and Chooks were all part of my childhood and each bird had different traits and temperaments. “I try to capture the unique personalities of each bird by painting them in a formal portrait style.” Charles has also more recently been painting a series of still life and semi abstract landscapes.

Stephanie Day