Myriam Kin-Yee

Originally from Vanuatu and a graphic designer for most of her professional life, Myriam is based in the Kangaroo Valley, Australia, where she now paints full-time. She first studied Fine Arts at Sydney University in the late 60s, and continued to hone her skills by attending various art institutions such as the NY School of Visual Arts, the Sydney Julian Ashton School, the Florence Academy of Art, the NY Studio School and more recently JSS in Civita (Jerusalem Studio School, Italy) and the Slade School of Fine Arts..

For the last few years Myriam has been exploring her fascination with mythology and commedia dell’arte, the characters and their relationship to the subconscious. Her approach to the subject is directed by her love of figure drawing and her fascination in the communicative power of body language and its gestures. This interest extends to mythical fruits and plants, including both the pomegranate and the peony, for which she has a special fondness-both are important in Western and Eastern mythology.

Myriams style is mostly realistic and representational and she enjoys painting figurative and still life subjects in oils well as watercolour.

Stephanie Day